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Androsol 'off' time

I just began a break from using Androsol after being ‘on’ for 7 weeks, 70 sprays twice a day for two weeks, followed by three weeks of 14 sprays in the AM only with Tribex, then another 2 weeks of 70x2. I’m using Tribex 4 caps twice a day, and have noted no erection problems. I have wood every time I wake up during the night, as well as in the morning. Is this a good indication that even though I haven’t taken any total ‘off’ time in 7 weeks, that I’ve experienced no down regulation of natural T? How long do I ‘need’ to take off before beginning another cycle? Would it be acceptable to return to the 14 AM sprays only for a few weeks, or does the body need an occasional few weeks of TOTAL off time?