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Androsol now?

I’m trying to decide whether to use androsol or not. On one hand, T-mag says wait till you’re 21. On the other hand I’m 18 and have been training for 5 years. So I’m thinking since my training age is 5 years which is equal or more than most 21 year olds, I would be able to use androsol without affecting my system. I don’t know though. Please help!

Training age has absolutely nothing to do with androsol precaustions, they are based upon hormonal cascades you go through in your teens and in most cases until you are 25, it slows down alot at 21 that is why they make that suggestion. The fear is that the hormonal imbalance caused by use of pro-hormones has a greater chance of permanently affecting your natural hormone production. i.e. permanent testosterone or Luteinizing hormone production,.