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Androsol/Norand mix

I know you guys probably get significantly tired of answering the same damned questions over and over. I apologize for potentially adding to the forum quagmire of repeated questioning. Having said that, my question is, can Androsol and Norandrosol be mixed 50/50? I would like to combine them along with Finaplix, and do 100 sprays twice a day. Based upon my absorption rate calculations, this would result in approximately 71 mg of TA daily(based upon 4 grams Fin. for the 480 ml liquid of the two). I also am going to add 50 mg of Winny. Re. the latter, should I do 25 mg per day, or 50 mg every other day?

Many thanks. Looking forward to trying Surge + holding my breath until T2 comes out. You guys are, hands down, simply the best. Best of everything to all of you.