Androsol---NEW PROTOCOLS??

I was wondering if anyone has come up with any new dosing protocols for it…I remember someone posting about the perpetual morning applications and I wanted to know if anyone has come up with a better way. Thanx, i’m about to start my second cycle and want some help.

well that’s just great, I put up a post and go back to check it 25 minutes later and…it is already on the end of the page, what’s up with that?

well, i guess that everyone here uses the same ol’dosage for androsol…thanks anyway…DanK

haha sorry dude, some people just dont answer shit… pisses ya off huh? im using the morning thing right now with 70 sprays… i think its better than the 2 times a day thing

i did the 70 sprays in the morning only for about one month. about the same results as twice a day for two weeks.

but curios, how long can you do the 70 sprays in the morning?

I used 60 sprays of androsol, 40 sprays of nandrosol twice a day for four weeks with no noticeable problems.

I’d like to try 70 sprays every 2nd or 3rd day, over the period of a month, and see how that turns out. What got me thinking of that was the study presented in an article in the latest T-Mag (stating that testosterone levels were still elevated significantly 72 hours after administration). Using it like this I could imagine a low-level anabolic benefit, just enough to give my training an extra edge. However I still think that 70 sprays 2x daily is the shiznit, so during times of really heavy training that’s the protocol I’ll stick with.

Is it better to use androsol and nandrosol togther or should i try androsol just by itself. This would be my first cycle and I want to gain as much weight as possible, so what works best.