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Whasup T-folk! Just wondering what the thoughts would be on doing 2 weeks androsol followed by 2 weeks nandrosol then 4 weeks off (in those four weeks using tribex and methoxy-7). Any views?

I think its much wiser to just use Androsol in the morning and Nandrosol in the evening for the 4 week period and I would start the Tribex/Methoxy sometime after the first 2 weeks on the Sols…I think the more mass building products in you system at once the better.

You’d probably be better off combining the 2 for 2 weeks then take the tribex for the 4 weeks after. 35 sprays of each morning and night. Or you could take Androsol for 2 weeks morning only use 50-70 sprays followed by Nandrosol morning only use 50-70 sprays + tribex for 2 weeks followed by just tribex for 2 weeks. In the morning use you’d have to wash it off sometime in the evening to help avoid HPTA problems

HPTA problems?

If you use the products (androsol & nandrosol) longer then 2 weeks you run the risk of compromising your natural testosterone production. By using them only in the morning and washing off in the evening you’ll probably avoid this problem.