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Okay, I know this subject has been touched on a time or two before but I’ve yet to get a definitive answer. I’m expecting to get my shipment of androsol and nandrosol today and I want to find the optimum method for using them.
Andro in the morning and nandro at night?
Make a half and half mixture and spray twice a day?
Or, do 2 week cycle of andro only follwed by 2 weeks of nandro only?
So lets hear it fellas. Who’s got the best method and how’d it work for you. I’d also welcome some input from the T-Staff.

Hello…anybody there?

I use 35 sprays of nandro and 45 sprays of andro twice a day. I gained 20 lbs of lean mass and 2 lbs of fat in 2 three week cycles with a 5 week split. You may try the search engine to get more info.