Okay guys, I’ll try to make this short.
Basically I’m just getting back into the groove of weight-training. Right now I’m on a Meltdown training program (4 weeks left). Next I plan on doing a 4 week strength phase, then a 3 week German Volume Training 2000 phase. I’ve never used ANY kind of testosterone supp., but was considering this…
After 2 weeks of my strength phase I was gonna start Tribex. When my GVT starts 2 weeks later, I’ll add Androsol/Nandrosol(which one’s better?) and Methoxy. When My GVT is up, I’ll give my self a week rest, where I’ll continue to take Tribex for 2 weeks. I’ll be able to do about another 3 week strenth cycle before I leave for the military. Does anyone see any problems w/ this? BTW I plan on using the Massive Eating meal plan during my Strenth and GVT, I’m doing “Don’t Diet” now.


MAG-10 blows Androsol and Nandrosol away. Consider using it for two weeks. Use other stuff between cycles.

The only reason why I’m holding out on the MAG-10 is b/c I want to do the whole Growth Surge Project w/ it. I don’t have much time to do that right now… so I was gonna try the Nandrosol thing… So how does it sound?

won’t you just run your gains away when u enter the military?

Yeah, I am quite afraid of running my gains away, but I’ve never been “big” before, and would like to try it out. Once I get out of boot camp (2 months), I’ll be free to work out again in my school. BUT HOW DOES THE STACK SOUND? Any improvements I can make on it? I’m’ considering now to use the Tribex 1 week into my Strength phase… Drop Tribex when I begin GVT and begin Nandrosol and Methoxy, then Pick up Tribex again after 2 weeks of Nandrosol use (or could I use Nandrosol for 3 weeks?).

I learned a lot from “Making Sense of Supplementation” article by John Berardi (issue 160). I’m in the 5th week of his hypertrophy taining phase and I’ve been liking the results so far (basically it’s androsol for 2 weeks, then tribex, methoxy and ZMA for two weeks and repeat). I probably would’ve had bigger gains, but wasn’t eating big enough to begin with.