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Androsol/Nandrosol stacking question

I just loaded up on Biotest products from netrition (I bought so much they gave me a testosterone ferrari ;)). I was wondering what would be a good stacking regimen for nandrosol/androsol/tribex/methoxy. Thanks in advance.

Tim Patterson has listed several stacks in his BTS column. Do some research there.

Try the new program: Tribex weeks 1-3 (5 days on 2 days off), Week 4 take it off, Week 5 androsol/nandrosol in the morning(70 sprays) wash off before 8 p.m., Weeks 6-8 keep using Androsol/nandrosol and add tribex again for the next four weeks. but stop androsol/nandrosol after four weeks of once a day. That should work, as it is so far for me.