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Androsol/Nandrosol dosing

Bill im about to begin a twelve week fat-loss program.I have several questions regarding doses and durations
1)Is there any benefit or do you know anyone who has tried Androsol 35 sprays 1xdaily for 8 weeks?
2)In terms of fat loss does either have an advantage over the other?An/Nandrosol
3)How long after I’m finished can I give Mag-10
a go?
Thanks in advance.
P.S I do have a bottle of nandrosol so it is not a mute point


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Anyone ?

I have not done what you are suggesting, but I figure that I can provide feedback from a variety of sources that I have pieced together and it might help you. I asked Bill Roberts a similar question and he said that results were noticeable at 35 sprays a day but not great. My opinion is that that dose could be optimal to help hold on to lean body mass. At that low dose, you will have minimal T-suppression, but I would wait at least 2 weeks if on Tribex and maybe 4 if not to use MAG-10. As for andro vs. nandro, I can’t help you. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your input Jay.Ive Been patiently waiting a couple of days now for a respons from someone.I guess with Mag-10 , Androsol is becoming a afterthought. Anyways in regards to 35 sprays was that for a 4 week or 8 week duration?
Thanks again

When I posed the question, I was asking about minimal dosage over a 4 week period, but Bill’s answere was not time specific. I think that T suppression would still be minimal on an 8 week protocol at 35 sprays a day in the am. I would still follow these 8 weeks of androsol use with at least 2 weeks of Tribex if you plan to use MAG-10 soon after. I don’t think androsol is becoming an afterthought. I still think it is an optimal supp for lean body mass preservation.

The recommended dosing schedule for androsol is either 70 sprays twice a day for a 2 week cycle or 70 sprays AM only for a 4 week cycle. These are very conservative cycles designed for no T suppression what so ever. There have been many previous posts with individuals indicating longer cycles (especially the AM only cycle) with no problems. One previous post delt with a perpetual cycle and Bill Roberts recommended 14 sprays up to twice a day for continual use. Judging by responses to previous posts, 35 sprays AM only for 8 weeks followed by 2 weeks of Tribex (and preferabley M also)should be safe but I wouldn’t start Mag-10 for 4 weeks after ending the androsol. As for Nandrosol, I’ve never seen any info posted as Androsol or Nandrosol being better for fat loss and LBM preservation on cutting cycle but previous posts delt with using Androsol in the AM followed by Nandrosol in the PM with this type stack/schedule supposedly having less potential for T suppression. Good luck.