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Next Thurday I start my first androsol/nadorsol stack (two weeks) followed by 4 weeks of Methoxy7 and Tribex 500. This is stack number #3 by biotest. I am eating 1.5 grams/lb of protein. 20 -25 % mostly EFA fats and the rest carbos ( Pasta, potatos, fruit, yogurt)six meals a day. I am 183lb and 12% BF, 33 yrs old and eating about 3,500 cals per day. I have recenlty come down from 23% BF using BFL ( I know bad subject) I ready to get serious! Work out is 6 sets per body part 10 reps each work set. Chest/shoulders/tri’s - day off- Back/Bi’s/Abs/ day off- legs - day off- repeat. Goal is like most, put on mass take off the fat once I have added a total of 20 lbs of muscle at measured by Fat caliper test.

Any experiences or comments or suggestions would be greatly appreaciated.