androsol morning only protocol/cutting cycle

I’m thinking about using the Androsol 70 sprays, morning only protocol as part of a cutting cycle. Anybody had success with this, or would I be better off buying T2 (old) or MD6? Thanks!

Anybody got an opinion/experience to share? I’ve checked the forum/mag archives, but haven’t found much. Thanks

Check out the supplement roundup article, I think it gives a sample plan. If you can afford them all why not use them concurrently? If not I think MD-6 would give you the most bang for your buck-after all it is made for appetite suppression and thermogenesis. If your priority is not losing muscle then perhaps the AM Androsol protocol is the way to go. You need to supplement according to your goals. If money is an issue then it mite be a good idea to include just one bottle T-2pro towards the end of the program when your calories are getting low and your loss appears to plateau. dpsnutrition has the cheapest prices on Biotest supps I have found on the net if you need a cheap source.

DaveF said it all. I agree with DaveF and would suggest the MD6 for thermogenisis and appetite suppression along with androsol for keeping/gaining muscle. They would be an excellent stack.

Thanks for your replies. Keeping muscle is a priority, as I lost a lot of muscle on a previous cutting cycle. If I can afford it (bit more expensive here in Canada), I’ll go with an MD6/Androsol stack.