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Androsol/mass cycle

Yes yes, I know that info similar to what I’m after is available through the search engine, I’ve read some of it, but I always like some personal response. This is what I want to do: stack Androsol with Methoxy-7 for massing for a while, and later add T2 to burn off fat (I’m about 15%). Do I really need Tribex while using Androsol? What about T2 with the above products? This is somewhat sketchy right now, so if any of ya’ll have some “What I would do…” type suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Thanks.

How old are you. The Biotest guys don’t normally bring this up, but with the feedback on the forum, it seems the older the better Nandrosol and Tribex work.

Yeah, your age is definitely a big factor. I’ll tell you what I’m doing at the moment: Nandro in the mornings, Andro in the evenings (70 sprays of each), Methoxy all day long. Did one week of this, then added Tribex during the second week. This is an expensive stack, but I’m getting bigger and heavier (strength is way up, too) and not even really trying to eat that much. Just basically following the Massive Eating nutrient splits, without counting cals. I’m your basic ectomorph, 39 years old. If you’re an older guy, try this out. If you’re younger, well… I’d still like to hear what happens if you decide to do it.

I’m 21 and a student, so I’m somewhat poor. I figured I could eliminate the Tribex to save some cash, but I would possibly replace it with a straight tribulus product, which has given me results in the past.

Rubberman: I’ve been through 5 cycles with Androsol & or TA. The longest was 6 wks. My first couple I finished with 2-3 wks Tribex. the last couple I did not use tribex. The very last cycle was 2 wks. and I took a 3rd wk. at 20 sp. in the A.M. to help keep the gains. I do notice when ending a cycle w/tribex my sex drive stays up until I discontinue it. On the cycles w/out it, my drive slows but doesn’t dip below normal. My personal feeling is that I’m young enough not to experience to much suppression from these shorter cycles (I’m 23) I think Bill or someone stated that Androsol only raises test. to the high normal range, 4-AD is about 75% as anabolic as test., so that explains the gains without the T-suppression.

Rubberman, how about trying Androsol on one of those half-cycles that Tim recommended a while back? You know, 70 sprays in the mornings, nothing at night, being sure to wash it off sometime during the evening. Seems to me that at your age it would be a good way to go (younger guys seem to respond well to Andro), you wouldn’t run into suppression problems (thereby eliminating the need for Tribex) and it would be easy on your budget. Good luck.