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Androsol : Limited Supply

Does anyone know what’s up with the new “Limited Supply” tag on the Androsol order menu? Does not appear that Biotest is offering buy two get one free on Androsol or Nandrosol.

This speculation, but i see two possibilities, one good one very bad, I’m sure we will know later today, first they may have found something new to add that makes it more effective and are selling out current supplies, 2 is the more likely that it is a pre emptive measure because of the fda possibility of banning these prohormones.

If I were to take a wild guess, I’d say that it probably has nothing to do with prohormones becoming illegal since I haven’t heard anything about the FDA intervening on that front. I imagine that Biotest might get their ingredients out of California, which is having major blackouts right now. Biotest might not be recieving any sort of guarantee on ship dates for the raw materials to make these products because of these blackouts. But, that is probably just a bunch of wishful thinking on my part. The FDA is probably going to ban prohormones because they’re a bunch of bastards.

Arghhh!!! Not again! This is like a rerun with the MD-6 limited supply warning! When Biotest takes the “buy 2, get 1 free” away it really hurts the wallet. My guess is that Tim Patterson will give us the reasons why androsol and nandrosol are in limited supply in this weeks issue.

Well hopefully they are about to release T-17E and N-17E and therefore androsol and nandrosol are going to be obsolete. Wow–i sure hope so–if not what the scheduled release on those products along with T2, TML-2, new methoxy, topical spot reducer and so on–come on–been a while since a new product has ben released.

I don’t know the details, but I’m sure Tim will talk about it in today’s “Behind the Scenes” section. The site will be updated in a few hours so look for issue #140.

I talked to Tim. Don’t worry, the FDA hasn’t yanked Androsol and Nandrosol (yet). It’s in limited supply because the demand for it is exceeding Biotest’s capacity to make it. Raw material is pretty scarce, too. Tim tells me he’s purchased almost every bit of the high quality nor-4-AD in the world. And we’re already the largest importer of the stuff as it is! Hence the limited supply. Hope this helps. Tim will likely provide more details in next week’s BTS column.

Thanks for the info, Chris.

Any clue as to when the supply vs demand problem is going to be fixed, and whats the word on the revised MD6 lauch date?

EMS- Not sure about the Andro/Nandosol info. Tim may not even know himself. Watch his “BTS” column and I’m sure he’ll keep everyone posted on the latest info there. As for MD6, Biotest has more of that naughty PPA stuff than anyone else, so they have enough for a few more batches. The formula (which looks really cool so far) will come along soon after. BTW, other products like Adipo are already long gone. They just ran out of stuff.

How funny. I read on another site that the PPA issue was only exaggerated by Biotest to hype MD6. Will they ever learn?

DGSkalsky- I read the same thing. Odd how even though T-mag and Biotest “made up the whole PPA ban”, Katie, Matt, and Al on the Today show did a report on it and it was in all the newspapers. See, T-mag and Biotest actually OWN all the newspapers and TV shows! It’s a conspiracy!!! (insert maniacal laughter here)

I thought that Biotest PPA thing on that other site was silly. Just recently, the owner of the site answered a reader question asking why Syntrax pulled their PPA fat burners. His answer was the same answer Biotest gave: the FDA, nothing about Syntrax making up a PPA ban. Geez.

I disagree (respectfully) with some of the comments below regarding PPA availability. When I originally got Tim’s email, I did pick up more product, just in case. I also called Syntrax and they told me that they haven’t heard of any restrictions yet and you can still buy adipokinetix at their website or at most other internet supplement sites (of course MD6 rules - but we know that). I don’t know what the status is currently, but I haven’t had any trouble tracking down either product. I bought a 4 month supply and the expiration date was at least 1 year from now. In retrospect, I should have and will probably buy more. Why take the chance with the FDA? If you can’t use it I’m sure you know someone you can help out. I hear that synephrine works just as well :). NOT! I hope this helps

BT- From what I understand, Syntrax still has some products like Lipokinetix available, but they aren’t making anymore, just selling what they already have. You can get it, but once current stock is gone- it’s gone. As for MD6, as I understand it, Biotest has enough left for another batch or two. (Sorry, I don’t know how much is in a “batch” exactly.) Then MD6 will be reformulated. The question is, will there be a lag between the new formulation and when the last batch of the old product is bought up? Hope not, but I don’t know. So, good thing you stocked up, just in case.

Chris, what are the expiration dates on the MD6 you have in stock??? I’ve gotten bottles which varied greatly. I think people would grab every last bottle if they knew ahead of time that it would be fresh. I know I want to be filled to the gills when the time comes.