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Androsol & juice

In the current Strasseroids Brock suggests a reader
dump winny powder right in the Androsol package.
What the hell!! If so how can it be absorbed correctly
do you dilute,use different delivery? I have to know
and maybe some inexperienced users should know.

I personally would just use one of those tiny little measuring things that used to be sold with some supplements (now it may not be legal to include them as they are “drug paraphernalia”) which would deliver 20 mg or something per scoop. Of course, you wouldn’t know but would be guessing. Some product I bought recently (a mainstream product of some kind) had one of these tiny scoops, but I can’t remember what product it was, sorry!

Or dissolve in near-200 proof ethanol and take metered doses, e.g using a syringe to meter. I don’t have the solubility figure (I may be able to look it up later) but expect it to be low: perhaps 15 mg/mL (could easily vary from my guess by a factor of 2 or more… solubilities are difficult to guess.)

I have gotten positive results from androsol myself.
I have seen alot of questons lately regarding the use of
the steroid powders with androsol.Would it be feasible to
simply put a decent quanity of winstrol,dbol or your pow-
der of choice in the bottle with the androsol and simply
leave it there or do you have to "reload"each time?

Well as I said, any 17-alkylated steroid is more efficiently taken orally than transdermally, probably several times so.