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Androsol Help

OK here goes, I just came off of Androsol (70 spray regime) I was taking Tribex the last week and the 1st week following, but I had to stop. The Tribex was impossible for me to live with. I guess I am genetically pre-disposed to “rage”. I have never felt like this before, It’s not that I got mad more often in fact less, but when something would set me off I would be pissed for an hour or more. I am now seeing decreases in the excellent gains I made on Androsol. Does anyone have a longer duration cycle, perhaps lower dosage recommendation that will allow me to stay on Androsol? Input please from those that have used Androsol.

Use morning only sprays, no evening dosing. Still, you can’t stay on forever. Try coming off with Methoxy-7 to help retain gains. And remember, you might lose a pound or two of water coming off, so that’s no big deal.

Thanks TEK, I read something in the past forums about 1/2 dosing, but I cannot find it in the archives. I love the stuff but I am going to have to find something to help retain the gains. Thanks again.

I would bet your moodiness was caused by the androsol not the tribex. I recall reading on the supertraining group just recently that someone who researches these hormonal preparations had noted that these transdermal androstendiole products tend to give the most side effects within 1 week after terminating the usage. It could be because it takes time for all of it to be absorbed from your skin into your bloodstream so 1 week after you still might have a significant blood level of androstendiole.

gymrat- I think the rage is in your head. Try taking a gram a week of test. That will get ya going.

I used to know kids who would sell fake steroids to high school kids. And most these kids would talk about how bad they were raging. So some of this may be psychosomatic.

Being as I took a crow bar to my 2001 Expedition I don’t think the rage is in my F’ing head

is this a joke. If you took a crow bar to your expedition then you are just plain stupid. Also if you are having “roid rages” LOL, Then that doesn’t mean you can’t controll yourself. I’m am taking 1/2cc tren/day, 50mg’s winny/day, and 250mg’s test per week. I find myself irritated but it’s controllable. If i were pissed I wouldn’t even take a crowbar to my yellow 1984 datsun pickup,(Don’t flame my car guys)come on it’s all in your head.

Being as I took a crow bar to my 2001 Expedition I don’t think the rage is in my F’ing head

sounds like you may be a little unbalanced mentally…a machete is much better to hit people with