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Androsol for runts

Question: I’m just starting to use Androsol. I’m approx. 5’7" and weigh a little over 140 lbs. If I use the max 70 sprays per application, is that a waste? Could I get the same results from 40, 50 or 60 sprays since I’m small to begin with? Any opinions, esp. from Brock or Bill, would be appreciated?

Well, I suppose that logically a dose
of 140/200 as much, or about 50 sprays,
would be as good for you as the full 70 sprays are for a 200 pounder, but that’s kind
of fine-tuning. You could go either way,

Baby Huey, you don’t mention your age, how long you’ve been training, your current diet, body composition, anything that is necessary, really. The general advice I give to beginners is to get their diet and training in order first, and stay away from supplements until you hit a plateau. Then, manipulate your diet and lifts to try and “break through” before going to supps. If you’re just getting started, you really won’t believe how fast you can change your physique with a properly applied diet and training schedule. Supplements are great IF everything elso is in order. Otherwise, they’re just a colossal waste of money. If you’re new to the game, read back through all of the T-Mag previous issues and start from there.