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Androsol for cutting or bulk?

I have read lot’s of good info about Androsol and I’m considering of testing it. Even though I’ve read a lot, I can’t figure out if to take Androsol for cutting or for gaining mass. Can U give me an advice? Is it possible to gain a few pounds LBM with Androsol in a 2 week period, and then use androsol as a anti-catabolic not to lose muscles for the next 2-4 weeks??? So would U prefer androsol for gaining muscle or just as an anti-catabolic, or for them both?

I’ve used it for both with great success. Once I bulked with it for 12 days, then went on a maintenance diet using 7 sprays twice a day of Androsol for a little over a week. Kept 7 pounds of lean.

Depends on your diet!!! Helps keep muscle during cutting diet-- adds lbs. of muscle on bulking diet. Use for 2-3 weeks with 4-6 weeks off. On your OFF weeks use Tribex & meth.7 to keep gains