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Androsol for athletic competition

Hey guys, I am a long time lurker. Here is my first question: If I were to use a heavy dose of Androsol (100 sprays) for an athletic competition to enhance performance, how long before the competition should I spray myself? I saw a graph a while back that showed in time where the peak of T was in relation to spray time, but I cannot for the life of me find it again. Bill, others?

About 8 hours from a single dose, but it’s not a pronounced difference. I suppose you’d
get the most possible by applying to the
largest area possible (back, front and sides
of torso, arms, and legs) 8 hours before
the event, and again one hour before.

I totally agree with Bill on this one, the results you might see will mostlikely be minimal. Depending on what type of event you are participating in, I think Androsol could help you recover faster. If you are doing a multiday event you could, after you were done on day 1 spray yourself, which should help your recovery and thus performance the next day. Or if this is only a one day event and you get particually sore the day after you could try the same protical. Personally I think that this would be a better use of Androsol, than to increase performance. For performance enhancing, try Powerdrive and or MD6 (or eviquivanlent-caffine pills work if you’re in danger of being tested).