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Androsol feeling

The writers at t-mag talk about the aggressive feeling they get after they apply androsol and I was wondering if any of you guys out there are experiencing the same thing. I ask because I get an opposite effect. This is only my first week on the stuff but whenever I put it on I feel relaxed and calm. I also have a greater desire to train, eat better, and I have experienced a slight increase in libido. FREAKY!!! While I do like the effect I can’t help but feel a little strange. If anyone else has experienced something like this could you let me know so I kind stop feeling strange, and anyone who might have an explanation for this type of reaction please share some info.

Grant, I get the calm and “in control” feeling too as opposed to the jacked up feeling. It affects everyone differently. Some feel nothing. Of course, you don’t have to feel anything to get gains from it. I dig the feeling I get though. To me, it’s like a mild feeling of being invincible and more in control, but in a calm, cool kind of way. My training partner gets the jacked up feeling and really gets aggressive in the gym, like he’s mad at the weights!

My experience is similiar with Androsol, I dont get “jacked up”, I would describe it as a heightened awareness and confidence, not relaxed but not edgy like ephedrine. I found ProLab’s sublingual AD4 gave me a more intense feeling but it was obviously shorter lived. Probably like the difference between smoking Crack and snorting Coke. I am not concerned about a differnce in feeling, as Chris indicates everyone reacts differently (alcohol is proof positive).

I also noticed that I don’t get ANY kind of ‘agressive’ feeling after application, but I have noticed that I am in all around better mood and more energetic all day long. I’ve even noticed this durring the past 3 ‘off’ weeks, although I’ve been applying the 14 morning sprays only.

I have a very similar reaction. I even feel a little too relaxed at times, but I always have great workouts.