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Androsol Experiment

It seems bto is getting pretty good results using the Nandrosol/Androsol stack. Has anyone else taken Tim up on his challenge? What kind of results are you getting? Based on what I’ve read here on the forum, what Bill Roberts has explained about a Nandrosol/Androsol stack seems to make the most sense to me. I’m going to try the Androsol only protocol. So here is my plan beginning tomorrow, 11-13-00:

• Weeks 1-2: 70 sprays of Androsol twice a day • Weeks 3-6: 4 capsules of Tribex-500 a day.

Here are my current stats as of 11-12-00:

• Height: 5’8"
• Weight: 160 lbs
• Neck: 15.25"
• Chest: 41.5"
• Biceps: 13.25" (14.25" flexed)
• forearms: 11"
• Stomach: 33"
• Thighs: 23"
• Calves: 14.75"

I’m using the 3 point caliper method (pec, stomach, thigh) to measure my body fat. Here are my current stats:

• Pec: 9 mm
• Stomach: 18 mm
• Thigh: 9 mm
• Body Fat = 11.5%

I also tested my body fat using a friends digital body fat scale at 12%, so I think the 3 point method maybe a good measure of body fat, for this trial anyway.

Currently I am consuming about 1 gram per pound a day. I recall reading in T-Mag to increase protein consumption when using Androsol, does any one recall how much to consume?

I'll keep posting my results. Next post I'll go more into my training and nutrition.

Consumption of protien was suggested to be 2g per pound of bdwght, but I gained 6lbs in 2weeks on only 1.5.