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Androsol drying by fan?

Is it okay to use an electric fan to help dry Androsol once it’s been applied? Or does that somehow prevent the absorption by drying it too quickly or something?

I like using a fan to dry off the water from myself after showering, but not the Androsol.

If Androsol is correctly applied – namely, as a very light misting, not really a “coating” anywhere – it dries very fast and you can be dressed within a minute or so.

It is likely that speeding the process yet further would impair results somewhat, because it does take a little time (not much; it’s a quick process) for “phase transfer” of the 4-AD to skin lipids. You might be rushing this too much with a fan. In fact, allowing a little more time for phase transfer is why we use isopropyl alcohol not ethanol… you’d be defeating that purpose by using a fan.