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Androsol dosing for dieting

Can anyone give me any suggestions on how much Andro. i should use while dieting? I am planning on 35 sprays twice a day. I had pretty good success bulikng up with 70 x2, and I am looking for a dosage amount that will prevent muscle loss and hopefully increase fat loss. Any suggestions would be a big help.

35 twice a day sounds good. That’s what brock used in his Fat Fast I think.

I would think that you would want to increase Androsol use while dieting to help preserve muscle loss. Juicers use that theory while dieting. I personally used 70 x 2 last summer while dieting off about 35 lbs. It helped me keep up my lifts while increasing cardio and cutting carbs.

I agree with Planner. There’s no valid reason to underdose Androsol while dieting; in fact, there’s a few good reasons to use the maximum effective dose possible (e.g., androgenic preservation of LBM). Thus, limiting your Androsol use to a lesser dose will likely result in sub-optimal LBM retention.

I underdose Androsol (35 sprays twice a day) because I plan to stay on fast fast for 45 days. After that, I will cease Androsol for at least 6 weeks, then go back to 70 sprays protocol. 35 sprays / twice was enough to maintain muscle mass, so…

Andre: I was in a hurry and didn’t make myself very clear. My bad… My point was (or should have been) that dosing is an individual thing based on goals, dietary response, etc. In my case, for instance, 35 sprays BID is not enough to maintain LBM when I’m dieting heavily (although it probably is when I’m not, if that makes any sense). In sum, I simply have a problem with stating that 35 sprays BID is the correct protocol for all trainees in all conditions, and I feel that it could lead to underdosing in certain circumstances. (Looking back at my last post, I definitely could have made myself more clear. Note to self: reread your posts before hitting the button.)