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Androsol--does it work for primo?

Can androsol be used to dilute and apply primo depot effectively? Thanks

also besides fina what other such products can be sprayed?

bill anyone–what products can be administred this way?

I don’t know about primo, but you can do this with other stuff. Look in issue 124’s Strasseroids. (You know, you could have done the search yourself I’ll bet.)

joe elm-can’t remeber exactly, but I think Bill or Brock touched on this once in a post. I think he talked about winstrol powder being diluted in Androsol and he said it would work, but be alot less effective. Not sure if you can use primo like this, but if you can, it will be alot less effective I am sure. You’d just be wasting your money. Are you afraid of needles? I was before my first cycle but quickly got over the fear. Try insulin needles. They are very small, painless, and easy to get. After the first injection, you’ll probably quickly get over your fear.

At little snippy aren’t we!–but I had read that b4–however those are 17 a substances that can be injested. What about deca, test, or primo which are destroyed by normal injestion and must typically be injested–though I’m familiar with adro-gel. Thanks for the reply. Hoping that brock or bill can fill us in on this.