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Androsol cycle

I’m about to start androsol for the first time. I am on a bulking cycle so I’m seeking to gain a good amount of weight. According to my readings, 35 sprays twice a day for 2 weeks is ideal for gains. Does anyone have a better way of using it on a bulking cycle? And last, what is this about the timings of spraying androsol. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

Don’t know what you read, but I have the feeling you misinterpreted it a little. A max Androsol cycle will involve as much as 70 sprays twice a day (meaning a total of 140 sprays on any given day), or as much as your body’s skin area will allow. There is no point in spraying a particular area twice, so if you can’t fit 70 sprays onto your body at once, then just do as much as possible.

As for the timing, in the morning and in the evening would seem to be the logical course. Obviously, you want to spray the stuff on AFTER you shower, not before. :wink:

Hope this helps.

I dont want to you use this or anything but what im gathering from this is that you spray it on? how the hell does that work. Dont flame me cause i’ve never been interetsed in steriods so i never read the steriod articles.

Bobo, that was truly a classic post, although unintended. Post of the year, in fact.

Ya tell people to read ALL of the old issues when they first come here, and apparently they don’t listen at all.

Bobo, some helpful advice. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, you probably shouldn’t post a response.

Bobopunx, if you’re really worried about being flamed then simply use the search engine at T-mag and you’ll know what it is in under a minute.

To Bbpx: Sorry, but you’re gonna get flamed.

What’s with asking people to do your reading for you? The articles are all there in the back issues. You obviously KNOW this. So what’s the problem? Go get 'em.


Char-dawg has it right. I LOVED Androsol. I’ve used 4-ad-ec, but it never worked for me like Androsol. I think I just haven’t taken enough of it, but with the Androsol I would cover myself with it. The CNS effect was great, I was horny, my wife was horny, and I leaned out while gaining weight everytime. I could never get more than about 58 sprays on my body at once, but I’m not that limber.

Thanks for your reply man. I think I did mis-interpret. SO from what you are saying, 70 sprays twice a day is ideal for a bulking cycle (total=140)? Also, how long will the bottle last me then? Lastly, about the timings, I usually wake up…go to school…come back and train and then shower afterwards. Would I put it on as soon as I wake up and right after showering and just repeat this for the cycle? Do I also spray it on days that I dont train? Thanks for your help once again.

Sounds odd eh? It works the same as the nicotine patch. A chemical in the spray allows the active ingredient to pass through your skin. It is not a steroid. It is a pro-hormone. Before mag-10 came out, ingesting prohormones didn’t really work because they were destroyed in your stomach and the first pass through the liver. It works Mag-10 is much more powerful because it has better prohormones, a special delivery system that protects it from being destroyed and increases the half-life to either 12 or 24 hours. I forget. I havn’t used either of them but from everything I’ve read androsol is an older product that was awsome when it came out but can’t stand up to mag-10. I would go with mag-10 unless I wanted to do a fina-sol cycle. See no flames. You got everything I ever read sumarised in one nice little neat paragraph. LOL!!!

how can anybody not know about androsol? You cant know about TMAG and not know about androsol.

Why dont i read the old steriod articles? Because i never plan on using them. That’s like reading something about something you never plan on doing or have no interest in at all? Why waste your time? Why would you read about the menstral cycle if your a man? I have no desire to read about steriods I was just wondering… dont flip a shit on me, peace.

It’s not a steroid! Jeez, do a fucking search and stop making a fool of yourself.

Wait, I just saw your new post on proteins. Too late.

I’m begining to think that bobopunx is just a troll. No one is this dumb.

Bobo, seriously, please go read every single previous issue before you post another thing.

Androsol is not a steroid, and anybody who’s taken more than 5 minutes to look through old issues would know that. Hell, just type it in the search engine, and you’ll find out what it is in 10 seconds.

People aren’t “flipping out” on you. They’re amazed that you’re completely ignorant of the subject, yet continue to comment on it.

Where are you guys getting Androsol? I was thinking of a finasol cycle but can’t find Androsol any more. Post a link if buying online please. BTW, 70 sprays 2x daily is the way I gained a LOT of strength a while back. I’d rather have Androsol over anything else I’ve ever tried.


thats where to get it from…cheapest i have found it!

BTW how long will this bottle last at 70 sprays 2x a day?

Anyone have any better recommendations that helped them put on weight for a bulking cycle??

Where did you get your Androsol because I’d assumed it wasn’t available anymore since I can’t find it on the Biotest site?

I don’t recall exactly how long a bottle of Androsol lasts at 140 sprays a day, but the 140 number is more of an ideal than anything else. Like doogie, I don’t think I could fit that many full sprays onto my skin. (By myself, anyway; it might be different if you had someone to spray your back for you.) So how long a bottle lasts for you is going to be somewhat individual.

As for the timing, you want to try for as close to a 12-hour gap as possible. But this is obviously going to be predicated on when you shower, since it’d be silly to apply the spray and then shower it off 2 or 3 hours later. Do the best you can, and if you only get 10 hours or so between sprayings, don’t sweat it.

Androsol is no longer manufactured by Biotest, as they decided to go with MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC instead. But you can still find it occasionally at other vending outlets.

Bobo, you can’t even SPELL steroid correctly, so it’s obvious that you haven’t researched the subject. Nonetheless, even if you’re not interested in them it would still benefit you to learn about them a bit. You’ll find out lots of other stuff along the way, just like - to use your own analogy - you might run across something called Vitex if you were researching “female problems”.

Knowledge is power. Any knowledge. Go get yourself some.