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Androsol cycle

I was just wondering how many of you Androsol users are ACTUALLY waiting the four full weeks between cycles. I did my first cycle two weeks ago, had no negative side effects, or noticeable drop in T after going off, and I’m DYING to start my next cycle. The results were THAT good. Any of you ‘cutting corners’ on your cycle length, either the ‘on’ time, or the ‘off’? Results? Comments?

Yep, me too. I only waited three weeks. No negative side effect either. Actually, I gained more the second time because I upped my protein intake a bit. Maybe Biotest is just being careful with the four weeks off recommendation?

It’s a perfectly okay thing to do, cutting the off time, except that:

  1. If you follow the recommended protocol, there is no significant testicle shrinkage
    at any time and you can do any number of
    cycles without this being an issue (the warning
    we give on testicle shrinkage is in event of
    overuse of the product not the recommended

  2. If you cut the off time substantially shorter than 4 weeks and do several cycles
    then you could expect testicle shrinkage
    to slowly develop. No big deal, they’ll
    come back quickly, but be aware that the
    problem is there.

I would certainly allow at least 1.5 weeks
off though.

One can also certainly increase the “on”
time, up to the point where you start not
liking the resulting testicle shrinkage.
Again, they’ll come back pretty fast.

They will come back faster if you use Clomid
and actually you can get somewhat above
normal size if you want.