Androsol cycle question

Here’s the plan:
10 weeks of 70 sprays twice a day of androsol
1 cap of vitex per day

at the end of cycle:
4 weeks of tribex (new or old)
4 weeks of vitex or M if available

My question:
What are the negative side effects I risk on this cycle and what, if anything, can you recommend?

I would take the Vitex the whole time, but 10 weeks is way too long. I grow annoyed with spraying for two weeks, I couldn’t last 10 weeks even if I thought it would work well. Split it up is my suggestion, give yourself a chance to recuperate. You could go twice daily for two or three weeks and then do morning only applications for much longer.

I recommend multiple 5 week Androsol cycles as opposed to one 10 week cycle. Just do 2 cycles with 2-4 weeks off between them. I’ve never had any negatives with cycles as long as 5 weeks.