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Androsol CNS actions?

I started Androsol a few days ago, and I don’t really seem to notice the increased energy or mental focus that most people experience. Obviously it has not been long enough to fairly judge its overall effectiveness but I was just wondering if anyone else ended up having LBM gains after two weeks but with no noticeable mental changes such as increased energy/mood/training drive during the cycle. I know that LBM gain is the ultimate goal of course, but I was curious about this lack of CNS/mental effect. I am applying it properly, i.e. a thin even coat over large surface area of shaved, clean, dry skin with 70 sprays twice daily. What are your experiences?

I wouldn’t call it a CNS effect, but I do feel just overall better on Androsol. Tim has noted before that not everyone feels this. You don’t have to feel it to make gains either.

Because you have a steady level of 4-AD in the blood using Androsol, you won’t experience the type of acute androgenic high that you would with an oral. However, when I was on Androsol, I did have an over all sense of well being, and an insanely increased sex drive. If you’re seeking a more intense workout, stack some oral 4-AD with the Androsol. Take the oral 4-AD capsule apart, and let the powder disolve under your tongue about 10 minutes prior to working out. Give the powder 5 minutes to disolve under your tongue and do not swallow until the 5 minutes are up. Then swallow the saliva, and wash down the powdery residue from under your tongue. You’ll be pleased with the results.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I don’t think there is any correlation between whether a person finds an androgen (including 4-AD) to be beneficial to mood or to libido, and to whether they will make good gains or not. Two very different things, and effect on the mind is usually a very variable thing anyway. One person will see a big change, and another will not.

Jason Baran, how will a 4-AD capsule be absorbed sublingually or through thr mucosa of your mouth without some type of carrier like a beta-cyclodextrin? I believe the absorbtion into the bloodstream would be zero due to the particle size. With the amount of Androsol that circulates taking an oral is a waste of money.

Sig, don’t take my word for it. Try it, and see for yourself. 'Nuff said.

Sig, you are correct, 4-AD cannot be
absorbed significantly by the sublingual
route without use of cyclodextrin.

I don’t doubt it seemed to work for Jason,
but since it is impossible for significant
4-AD to be absorbed that way, what must have
happened is that the excellent results of
this stack with Androsol, were due entirely
to the Androsol, and if it seemed better
on days when the sublingual thing was tried,
well, some days are better than other by
chance. And then there is also placebo effect.

But no, 4-AD just cannot be absorbed that
way. There hasn’t been a lot of (if any)
research with 4-AD itself in this regard,
but there has been with testosterone (very
similar molecule) and it just doesn’t
absorb that way to any useful extent.

Mr. Roberts, the type of oral I used that way used Molecular Dispersion Technology.