Androsol,chlorine, sunscreen, etc.

I am trying Androsol for the first time, but have a question that I don’t think has been addressed. As it is summer time, I am wondering if chlorine (from swimming pool), sunscreen, sun exposure, moisturizers, and anything else that I may have to put on my skin while using Androsol will effect it efficacy?

Good question. I think the answer is that if the sunscreen/cream is applied before the phormone, is will inhibit the impact. If applied afterward, by that I mean several hours after, it may be OK. Or, just skip a morning application on beach days or spray it where you will not be putting on sunscreen. As for chlorine, I don’t think it will bother the phormone too much as long as enough time was given for it to soak in. However, Brock, Bill or Chris can better answer that. Happy tanning!

I do not understand one thing (and I like your posts so don’t take this shit personaly)if you are against roids for health reasons, what difference does it realy make if test levels are raised by a sup. or thru drugs? if you are just against them for legal reasons fine, but if they do what they are supposed to do then what is the difference? just a thought. peace

Well, since you asked, I am not totally against the use of steroids. I am opposed to their use by males who have not yet fully matured physically, most women (since I prefer the softer look), people who have not attempted to hit their genetic capability without steroids and the uninformed. I have no big problem with a mature individual chosing to responsibly use steroids to get to a level not genetically possible “naturally,” if they have the requisite knowledge and also fully comprehend the potential legal and health risks. I also believe that phormones are so diluted that there is virtually no health risk in using them and, therefore, I have no problem with their use by physically mature people. They also are legal (at least today). A lot of people assume that my moniker, “Avoids Roids,” implies that I am totally opposed to the use of steroids. In actuality, it merely states that I avoid the use of them personally. Besides, I could never give myself a shot. :frowning: Peace back.

here i thought you were some self-righteous bastard. It’s good to here the real rationale behind your name- avoids.

avoids I forgot to sign that post, it was from me (oops). I have almost the same feelings on juice as yourself. my point about pro-hormones is that so many people are so against roids for almost anyone for almost any reason but they think it is fine to take pro-hormones, I have never understood that (outside of the legal reasons) because as I said if they do what they are supposed to do I do not understand what difference it would make. I mean if you double or triple your free test I don’t see what diff. it would make to your body if it came from pro-hormones or sustanon. as always peace

no, I’m the self rightous bastard.