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Androsol at 19

Is is bad for a 19 year old to use androsol. I think that i have finished growing and i would like to try the fat fast diet. Opinions and advice accepted with thanks.

At 19 years of age, Androsol use may be a little risky. Although in no way is my opinion expert, I believe that if just used a few times for the recommended 2 weeks in moderate doses, it probably won’t do much harm. On average there is a 1/7th of an inch increase in height from the age of 18 to 19 in males, and you can expect about another inch increase in height as your cartilidge further hardens. Studies I recall state that the T elevation has to be longer and much more intense than the Androsol protocol to cease epiphyseal (sp?) plates though. Most males are fully grown in height by age 18 though, it matters quite a bit on when you hit puberty and how much you have grown in recent years. However keep in mind there have been individuals known to sprout a few extra inches in their early twenties. Hormonally, it might not be a good idea to use Androsol frequently, as there still is increased hormonal output at your age to finish the growth process, ending around age 21-25, it is highly independent. But to use Androsol as a one time thing for a few weeks doesn’t seem like it would do any harm or mess with your endocrine system all that much to do any permanent damage. But in the end it is all your choice, just make sure you weigh the good and the bad as it applies to you.

I’m 19 and used Androsol for 2 weeks followed by Tribex for 4 weeks. I gained 9 lbs of muscle and experienced no side effects. I used 70 sprays twice a day. I will use it again in another 6-8 weeks.

Use it, without question.