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Androsol as a cologne?

Is it possible that Androsol could me used as a sexual attraction cologne?

I have a bottle of Androsol that I’m using up after a cycle of Mag10 (with VERY good results). I started using it yesterday.

Today, a girl in a cafe I go to regularly started up a conversation in line. It quickly became apparent that she was interested in more than the menu!! Bonus for me. Then, towards the end of my meal, a girl sitting at the table across from my wave at me and said “bye”.

I've been fairly dry (woman wise) in the past few months, partly out of choice, mostly out of no opportunities. Today, TWO opportunities landed themselves in my lap!!

I’ve looked back over my personal journal this afternoon, and discovered that the times when I had more female attention, I was using Androsol!! Maybe just a coincidence, maybe not.

Is it possible that girls that get within 2-3 feet of you can "smell" the testosterone dissipating off your body? Is it possible that they are powerless to react to the animal magnitism of testosterone?

Coach DANNY!!

No, their boyfriends probably slipped some Winny tabs in their coffee, that’s all. :slight_smile:

Its funny you should mention that. Just today my friend from work was telling me how he tried some androsol one time, and he said all of these girls were approaching him at the bar. Im entirely serious, I didnt even ask him about it he just brought it up himself, maybe there is something to this story.

Coach Danniel,
I couldn’t really tell from your post your sex. Though your name is Danny, I am assuming because you keep a journal and are “dry woman wise,” you are a woman, and a lesbian at that. Well there is nothing that turn on lesbians more than another lesbian with a little too much T. I don’t know if the androsol will help with your dryness problem ,though. You may have to use some type of personal lubricant.
good luck,
Agent U

When I first ever saw the Androsol product ingredient list a year or so back, I wondered if it was a pheromone (don’t laugh!) so I looked it up. These are I believe mainly androstenone, androsterone and androstenol (ignoring copulins etc). Still, your idea may have some merit. In fact I was going to buy some 4AD-EC to use between my next 2 Mag-10 cycles starting next month. Now I might get some Androsol for one of those instead. Thing is I’ve been having some of the most numerous and active encounters ever in my life over the last few months and I’m not on anything, so as a stand alone test it wouldn’t be very useful or informative (fun though :o)

As for dry women, there’s a simple solution: “So why do they call you soapy spud water?”. Oh you mean their humour?

dude i think he is a guy, anyways, I read that celery is high in andro in a recent mens health and that eating it before sex, (half hour), makes your women more attracted to you, cause it comes out your pores as a pheromone.

I was reading about some cologne that was supposed to attract women in an ad in one of those “guy” magazines (GQ, Maxim, I can’t remember which one). Anyway, I looked at the ingredients and it was all pro-hormones…all different versions of andro. I guess the increased libido from its use will be helpful!!!

antny, are you saying that CELERY may promote T levels? Interesting, but hard to believe…

Why the hell would celery have Andro in it? That is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard! And it emanates out of your pores 30 minutes after you eat it?? Sure…

I don’t want to go on record of it and
am not sure, but I do personally have
the impression that the effect you describe
exists. But I’ve never set up a protocol
of deliberately making comparisons of
using vs not using, all else being equal,
so it’s quite uncertain.

It could be due to extra confidence and self assuredness from the CNS effect and “feel good” effect of the Androsol. I know whenever I use Androsol, I always feel in top form as if “on top of the world” and feel as if I’m exuding self confidence and perhaps others can pick up on this.

in the Mens health get fit fast guide:365 health fitness and nutriotion tips, it says celery contains androsterone a hormone found in the male body. Researchers believe that andro acts like a pheromone and is at least partially responsible for a man’s atractivness to women.

Wether this is true or not, but that is what he book says, here is a site that also says that the article is true http://www.flynn-produce.com/ aboutfeb2000.htm
if you do a net search for celery and androsterone you find a lot of article on the subject stating that the aritcle has some truth to it, but more importantly andro IS a pheremone which increase female attraction.

I think Hebs point is the most likely reason. I just wish I got the CNS effect from Androsol like so many others do. I never knew celery contained androsterone. I also never knew that it was sex specific in it’s appeal (or lack of). The -rone and -nol versions don’t have any detectable smell to me, but the -none stinks like urine but worse. I did hear that celery helps to…how can I put this…helps to neutralise the taste when you shoot your wad. Not that you needed to know that… :o)

Personally, I definitely think the androsol
“pheromone effect” does occur. I’ve
consistantly noticed this when I’ve used
androsol. Usually, when I go to the gym I
pretty much keep to myself, and don’t talk
to people much so I can totally focus on
my wkot. This makes me come accross as “cold”
or disinterested, so I rarely ever have women
approach me (when not on androsol). If I want
to talk to a woman there, I have to start
the conversation and appear more warm and
friendly than I normally do. HOWEVER, when I
am using androsol, and having no change in my
“cold/impersonal” behaviour whatsoever, I
have a lot of women approach me. Since all
other paramters are the same, it has to be
the androsol. I’m a very self aware person,
so I know it isn’t a change in behaviour when
on androsol. Also, I’ve noticed this effect
occurs much more at the gym than other places
and here is why I think that occurs: I usually
spray on androsol 2x per day - once in the
early morning after showering, and once in the
late afternoon right before hitting the gym.
During the day, I usually wear long sleeves
and pants (“dressy casual”) which likely
reduces the amount of “pheromones” released into the air around me. But when I go to the gym I often wear shorts and a tank top. That might(?) let more of the 4AD escape into the
air around me(?) hence a more noticable effect. In any case, my theorization may be
wrong, but I’ve definitely noticed that more
women pick up on me (instead of me picking
up on them) while I am using androsol.

It's almost too bad androsol has been discontinued. I'm sure the 4AD-EC will work better and be more convenient for athletic effects, but I doubt it will have the same effect on women that androsol has.

Maybe you were sporting some major wood from all the tet in your system. Plus the fact that it had been awhile. Androsol as a cologne? Shit it can’t be any worse than Michael Jordan’s crap.