Hello fello T-Men and you wonderful T-Vixens. I just got my first shipment of Androsol and as I start to plan my dosage and application, I have come to a question that I’m hoping somebody can help with. Normally I work out around 6:30 P.M., after work. I plan on putting on the first application in the morning before work (6:30 A.M.).
Should my 2nd application that day be before I lift?
Should it be after my shower, after my workout?
Do I need to take a shower if my skin is clean, but applied Androsol earlier in the day?
Finally, if I apply the 2nd dosage before I lift, will it be washed away by sweat and/or the post workout shower?

I would appreciate any help.


Don’t apply it before your workout and then shower it off after. That’s wasting most of a dose. (Sweat and even rain won’t wash it off though. T-mag has written that a dozen times.) If you plan to shower after training, then put it on then after you dry. I beleive Bill Roberts said you can put one dose right on top of the other if you only shower once per day.

I think the 1st point is to try and get the doses about 12 hours apart. Secondly you need to keep most of the application ‘on’ your skin as long as possible. I apply my doses right after I dry from my morning and post workout showers.