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Androsol application and body hair

OK, I just purchased a bottle of androsol and am going to start my cycle next week. The instructions are pretty specific about making an even application over the widest skin area as possible. But do I need to make sure those area are free from body hair for the best results?

In a word, shave. I just started using the 70x2 protocol this Tuesday, and I find I need to spray on my torso and both quads - YMMV.

I just started Androsol the other day and wasn’t planning on shaving my legs. Has anyone out there had success with Androsol without shaving?

I don’t think body hair is an issue unless you are pretty furry. Only if the surface area of the hairs is getting to be somewhere comparable
to the surface area of the skin, or the hairs
actually block significant amounts of spray from reaching the skin, will there be a problem.

I personally recommened using clippers such
as are sold for trimming mustaches and beards,
i.e. the Wahl clipper. Trim to 3/8" or 1/4"
and you’ll be okay… and plus, you’ll look better. The “Ted Kennedy” 8-inch-chest- hairs look really is disgusting.

But most guys will be okay
without having to trim at all.

I recommend what Bill mentioned. Get a pair of Wahl clippers and shave down with those. There is no real need to get any closer than this by using a razor. I’m not a “Sasquatch” hairy type of guy, but want to get the most bang out of the Androsol, so I shave down. I’ve done two cycles and have shaved down before each one.

Think about it like this. Every hair that gets sprayed takes away from the total amount of androsol that reaches the skin. Plus, hair sucks anyway.