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Androsol and Workouts

I have been lifting for years so that now what works best for me is an intense one body part per day workout each week. I work back on Mondays, tri’s on Tuesdays, chest on Wednesdays, shoulders on Thursdays, bi’s on Fridays, and legs on Saturdays. If I go on Androsol for only the 2 weeks recommended, that means each body part will only get 2 workouts while on Androsol. Is that enough muscle stimulation for Androsol to do its thing, or should I up my workouts to maybe 2 body parts a day so that I get at least 4 workouts per body part in while on Androsol?

I never changed anything about my training program while using Androsol. I was on Ian’s 12 week arm program and did two cycles of Androsol during. I’m very satisfied with my gains. I think as long as you’re squatting, deadlifing, benching, chinning, etc. it’ll work fine. I did all that on non-arm training days. Just don’t fool with foo-foo exercises, but that advice goes with every program/supplement.