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Androsol and Tribex

I’ve heard on here from some guys that they use Tribex and Androsol at the same time, but I thought I read that Bill said to only use one at a time because the Androsol shuts down your natural T so the Tribex won’t be doing anything, am I wrong?

It’s just a guess on my part. It would certainly be true with a heavy stack of
androgens – there, not even Clomid will
do a thing to get testosterone back – and,
given the gains you see from Androsol, it’s
a reasonable guess with Androsol but not

On the other hand, a reader reported recently
that although he’d suffered chronic low testosterone (without any androgens being
taken) and then was put on 150 mg/week
testosterone injections, adding Tribex did
increase his testicle size.

But on the third hand :wink: Androsol certainly
gives results way more than 150 mg/week
testosterone injections and so quite possibly
it could be too much for the Tribex to overcome. It’s my guess that that is the case. So I would use the Tribex after the cycle. Especially because Tribex seems to work better when cycled… why not use it during those weeks when it will do the most good?

Thanks Bill

I was the one who wrote about the 150 mg per week of Injected T-cypionate. I did get some testicular growth after a week of using tribex. Bill seems right however, when he says a cycle of Androsol is more powerful than my weekly dosage of test. I did notice a difference, especially at the 6th and 7th day before my next injection. I usaually felt the effects of my injection start to drop like a rock on saturday and sunday morning because evidently my T level would start heading down to my usual very low level. While using tribex at max recommended dosage, I definitely did not get the feeling that the bottom was dropping out of my energy level. You’d probably do best using the 70 sprays x2 daily then get the three for two special and kick your nads back in with 6 caps of tribex x2 daily for 21 days. Good luck!!