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Androsol and Tribex for max gains

I recently had a blood test for testosterone levels my results came back as 25.5 with the range being 10-40.would taking Tribex-500 raise levels any further and would sraying Androsol take me near the 40 mark or even beyond. I am looking for maxium gains in my workouts. By the way what level of testosterone do the pro boys average?

Without any units (ng/dL? pmol? pg/mL?) and without saying if this is free or total, I can’t really comment on your numbers besides what you said, that it’s the middle of what your lab finds for the normal range with their testing method.

Yes, Tribex would probably raise that considerably, and Androsol would either put it way over the top or, at least, the levels of total 4-AD plus T will be way over the top.

A decent steroid cycle featuring testosterone
will increase T levels 8 or 10 times over normal, for example to over 3000 ng/dL total,
possibly well over.