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Androsol and Tribex-500

So tell me, let’s say I get ready to do a small cycle of Androsol (2 x 35 per day). Why would I want to use Tribex at the same time, or when I come off the Androsol?

Check out the protocols in the Biotest store. They suggest using Androsol exclusively for 2 weeks, and then using Tribex-500 for 2-4 weeks afterwards.

A: Just a heads up. The dosages that supplement and pharmaceutical companies come up with aren’t merely “pulled out of a hat”. It is by utilizing various dosing protocols and measuring the bodies response. Androsol is actually a case in point. Dosages much above what is recommended have no benefit because of lack of skin absorption after a certain level. Most likely, the same is true for LOWER than recommended dosages, because the bodies response to lower dosages may be negligible (thereby wasting your supplement). So…in answer to your question (I hope!) #1) I would not alter the dose of the Androsol because of the aformentioned and #2) If for some reason you choose to do it anyway, you would use Tribex in order to insure that you are getting an adequate physiologic response. My recommendation?..follow the Biotest protocols…

Well, I was concerned about the amount since this will be my first dabbling with the endocrine system and I’m honestly still trying to understand what androsol does exactly other than turn into a small amount of deca in the blood. But hey, I’m game for anything. :slight_smile:

What I’m trying to understand is what benefit the tribex gives afterwards - what makes it necessary to use it after an androsol cycle - is it to start up testicular function again?

bump bump bump! anyone wanna take a turn?

It’s not necessary to use Tribex, or Tribex plus Vitex, after an Androsol cycle, because recovery of natural testosterone is quite quick after just 2 weeks of use, but by using the other supplements after the cycle, testosterone can even be higher than usual for you.

Using Tribex during an Androsol cycle (with no other androgens) may or may not be of benefit, we aren’t really sure, but it is definitely
of benefit after the cycle.