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Androsol and the Warrior Diet

Has anyone tried Androsol in combination with the Warrior Diet? My main focus is strength rather than muscle size. Thus, I am curious if anyone has made significant strength gains with Androsol without gaining much weight. Thanks.

Mike, generally speaking, using heavy sets in the lower rep ranges like 1 to 4 lead to strength gains without much hypertrophy- although some guys tend to gain like this depending on their muscle fiber makeup

. As for the Warrior Diet, I’m not convinced that it’s the best choice for strength gains. I’d try the “Get Big” diet at T-mag or any high protein, moderate fat and moderate carb diet. Most people make strength gains using Androsol, so combined with a low rep powerlifting-style routine I’m sure you will too. Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback Paul. I will look into your advice and try to incorporate it into my routine.