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Androsol and Tanning

This question has probably been answered before but I could not find it. Is it OK to go tanning while using androsol? - I don’t mean like 5 minutes after application I mean tanning at 4:30pm when you applied it at 7:30am. Thanks


thanks Bill - just got back from my session :wink:

But don’t use oil or lotion, right Bill?

Good point, TEK, that is true!

yeah - I read up on that no oils or pills in the archives - but couldn’t find something that said anything about regular tanning - thanks again!

What will happen if I use oil ?
(I’ve bought a nice oil to begin tanning)

No, don’t use oil. Bill said this when Androsol first came out.

I want use oil, what is the danger ?

I don`t think there is any danger in using tanning oil - its just that if you use it while you use androsol you will likely rub the androsol off and it will become wasted. I think thats what they mean by no oil.

Just FYI, I tried tanning while on a Finasol cycle. As soon as the lamps came on, I felt an intense heat where I’d sprayed the Fina (chest, shoulders). It became very uncomfortable, so I bailed. Even with that 1 - 2 minute exposure, I developed big red welts and an awful itchy rash which persisted for several days. On another occasion, I was working outside on a sunny day and has a similar, though milder reaction. I suspect it was not as severe because I was wearing a T-shirt. This may only apply to Fina; it may only happen to a few individuals, and may have nothing to do with Androsol. Be careful out there :slight_smile:

Bypo - The reason that Bill recommends that we avoid the use of oils, lotions, etc is that the oils will form a barrier on your skin and SEVERELY inhibit the absorption and efficacy of the Androsol…I try to avoid any and all skin moisturizers when I’m on it. If I have dry skin, I just increase my intake of EFA’s.