androsol and side effects from it

Pedro, the side effects you’re talking about
aren’t going to be noticeable with a 2 week
cycle. The hair loss issue, but only in those
with the genetics for male pattern baldness
anyway, can be something you can pick up
after many weeks of use, so if you do several
Androsol cycles, I can’t guarantee that you
won’t have accelerated your MPB somewhat. (You won’t be losing anything you wouldn’t have
soon lost anyway though.)

In two weeks, so far as I know (and I’ve
heard from hundreds of users) not one person
has complained about hair loss from 2 weeks
of Androsol. Not one.

I am not saying that many total weeks of
Androsol won’t eventually give a cumulative
effect, but 2 weeks by itself, is just a
few straws on the camel’s back… doesn’t
seem to do anything you can see.

Prostate enlargement? It’s questionable
how much of an issue this is even with
doing many 8 week or longer cycles with
heavy steroid stacks. You can experience
a phenomenon where urination is slower,
same effect as you can get with ephedrine,
but after discontinuing use the problem
is gone. I do think there is probably
a cumulative effect here too, but it’s
even slower (much slower) than the hair
loss issue, and again, 2 weeks isn’t near
enough to give anything you’ll notice
in that regard. Never had a single report
of adverse effect there either.

Now I see why most companies in the industry
don’t put the warnings there that we do…
we say everything that CAN happen from
use of the product even if only very
prolonged use would cause it, and customers
become concerned it’s going to happen to them
from just 2 weeks when used as directed. It won’t.

Only side effect that you are likely to
experience is some increase in acne, usually
body acne. Sorry about that, it’s just true
of any androgen for many people. I’d suggest
buying salicylic acid cleaning pads (e.g. Noxzema) and using them faithfully on
face, shoulders, and back. And if you don’t,
no big deal… won’t be horrible usually,
and will be temporary only.