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Androsol and Primobolan cycle

I just wanted to get some advice on the best way to stack Androsol with Primobolan. Let me give you a little background first. I’m about 225 lbs. and 11% b.f. I’ve never used roids before but have been on quite a few Androsol cycles. I am currently cycling Androsol for 3 weeks on, one off, then 2 on at about 110 sprays twice a day.

I plan on using a similar cycle next time after taking 6 weeks off; however, I will up the dosage to about 130-140 sprays each application. I want to add some Primobolan (injectible) into the cycle. How should I do this (How long, what dosages, etc.)? I’ve been doing some research and was considering doing it at 400mg for the first 2 weeks and then at 300mg the last week. Does that sound good? Should I use it longer, or at different dosages? Should I use Clomid with this (if I can find some), or will just using Tribex work. When should I take these? Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can offer.


Well on the mesomorphosis pages…bill roberts basically says that a 3 week cycle is the same as 8 weeks as far as inhibition. I think that’s why he likes 2 week cycles (short), because inhibition is less, so you wouldn’t need Clomid. If you’re doing a 3 week cycle you’d need Clomid and you might as well be doing a longer cycle because inhibition won’t get worse until 8 weeks. I think Brock Strasser is the one who said he would never do a cycle (other than maybe a 2 weeks) without Clomid.

Steve: I would recommend using the primo in a 2-week cycle with the androsol. Load with a gram or so of primo on day 1 and 300 or so mg’s on days 4, 7, and 10. If you do not get the results that you were after, simply take 4 or so weeks off and then begin a longer (say, 8 week) cycle of the primo with the androsol. Clomid and/or Tribex should not be needed after the cycle, but can’t hurt either.