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Androsol and overtraining

I’m currently doing an Androsol/Tribex cycle. Would the anti-catabolic effects of such a cycle enable me to work on my chest everyday for a week without overtraining? I want to build up my chest, and I want to take full advantage of the Androsol/Tribex to do so.

I don’t even think juice would help! If you do this measure your chest at the start, after 2 weeks (when the swelling goes down) let me know how many inches you lost. I will say that Androsol can help recovery and allow “some” overtraining - but a week on 1 body part?? You need recovery time, period . . .

I believe you would get much better
results training chest only twice a week
or twice per 8 days, with certainly no
more than 20 sets per chest workout and
more likely 8-10 sets (seeing as how
you are wanting to specialize on chest;
otherwise it might be as low as 4-6 sets.)

Thanks for the tips, guys.