Androsol and Myostat

I read in this months issure that combining Myostat and Mag-10/Androsol is a good idea. If i were to do 8 weeks of Myostat, with 2 x 2 weeks of Androsol during this time, which of the following would be more effective: 2on/2off/2on/2off, or 2off/2on/2off/2on? I was wondering if letting the Myostat do it’s job before a cycle of Androsol would be more effective or not.

I’d think the best thing to do, if planning on using Myostat only half the time, would be to use it during the weeks Androsol was used, rather than during Androsol off weeks.

I think what the original poster is asking isn’t cycling myostat on and off but androsol. And what he is askin is… whether you should kinda front load myostat before going on androsol or just doing androsol and myostat from the begining then 2 weeks later cutting the andro sol, remaining on myostat then in 2 weeks again with da androsol. If I am mistaken then I apologize like the dog I am. Anywho how about staying on androsol or mag-10 for 6-8 weeks combined with myostat? would this give myostat the most bang for the buck?

Based on your question, I’m assuming that you are staying on myostat the full 8 weeks and want to know when to use androsol. Either of the cycles that you mentioned should be fine. I’m planning on 2off everything - 2on(MAG-10) -4off(w/Tribex and M) for my 8 weeks. Hope that helps.

I think Bill misinterpreted the question. I think that either starting Myostat w/ Androsol or waiting 2 weeks before starting the Androsol won’t make much difference. It’s only 2 weeks. I’d probably do the 2nd option and do 2 weeks of Myostat first by itself. More importantly would be to use Myostat continuously while keeping your calories up. I’m planning on an 8 week cycle of Myostat and MAG-10. Or I will do 16 weeks of Myostat with 2 on 2 off’s of MAG-10. I’m beginning to like 2 week cycles more because gains are excellent and I don’t have to overfeed for longer than 2 weeks.

Oh, OK, I see. I agree. Both approaches should give about the same result. I suppose I’d start with the Androsol right off the bat but probably there’s little if any difference
between the approaches, other than getting the muscle gain started a little sooner if going right into the Androsol.