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Androsol and females

Just to let you know,the Androsol is working well. Week 4 and no side effects, strength is up, I deadlifted 225lbs today! A woman came up to me and said she was amazed at how strong I was since I was so petite (sp?) I’m not sure whether I liked that comment or not LOL!

well, sending me your naked picture would definitely help settle that…

You are female and using what is quite a powerful andro product? I hope there are’nt any side effects.

7 sprays a day is 1/20th of the recommended male dosage. It has been fine so far and gotten me over my plateau. Girls have some testosterone too ya know! :-p

225? Dang. I’m NOT petite and I’m not close to that. I’m impressed!!!

I deadlift 235lbs pretty regularly - and I haven’t needed to take Androsal. Hell, I have just been taking Creatine. And I have a pretty small frame myself.

My wife has visited a couple of MD’s about feeling bloated and shitty all the time. + she has absolutely no sex drive and she feels she has mood swings all the time (she’s been on the pill for 8+ years). The last doc is getting her hormones checked and he mentioned getting estrogen and testosterone injections. Injections are apparently not an option for her so I mentioned the androgel patch and she’s going to bring this up with her doc. I suggested the 4ad route your going girlfriend and it does’nt make sense if I can get something else covered. I just dont know what advise to give her. I’m worried that if she starts the injections or patch - does she more or less have to keep doing it?

Ironbabe-Thanks! you can do it, just keep working on the strength stuff,Ian King and Dave Tate. I was stuck at 195- 205 a month ago,which I was doing without any “supplements”. Patricia- Good for you! Have you ever tried a powerlift meet? I have competed several times, but always got 2nd or 3rd which is frustrating. I’m really not that small 5’6 and 135 lbs, but the women in my weight class are a lot shorter than I am and built like fireplugs (this is not a diss by the way)so I end up looking kinda long and lean. Anywho,I have a good bench, but am relatively weak in the legs department as you have just proven.I encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t already (competeing)It is great to have a goal to work towards. BIG CHIEF- I can’t advise you on the patch or injections, having never tried them. But if it was me I would get off the pill and use some other form (nonhormonal) like IUD or condom or sponge or vasectomy (grin), I would excercise, change my diet (see diet manifesto) get some sleep and possibly try T2. Maybe Bill Roberts can advise you.

Girlfriend…that is a damn good deadlift!! I’m pretty sure that if I was 135, I’d have a hell of a time pulling even 200. What I want to know is why are there no girls like you up here in BC, Canada!

Way to go, Girlfriend. You seem to know and understand what you are doing, so ignore the comments that fall into either the snide, ignorant, or envious categories. A post like yours provides valuable information for the women who are interested in prohormones.

I’m always amazed at posts/replies from the negative-types (yeah, you know who you are, and chances are you’ll rant against me too, but I could not care less :slight_smile: - they cannot really believe anyone gives a dang about there negative and miserable attitudes and lives, can they? Oh well…keep up the good work!

Where in BC are you?? Victoria?

Well, I’m 5’4" and weigh around 123lbs and I also stay at around 10-11% bodyfat. And nope, never checked into Powerlifting. I bench right now, 160lbs., squat 235-245lbs. - and I regularly use 60lb dumbbells for the incline press (for reps). But y’know, this is pretty normal stuff for me. As Ko (my boyfriend - who also posted here), can attest. We have been pushing ourselves in the gym lately just to see where we could go. AND haven’t been using supplements until a few months ago (when Ko started drinking Protien drinks and we both started using Creatine). I’m a competitive bodybuilder - a NATURAL bodybuilder. So anything like andro would actually be against the policies of a drug-free athlete. Plus I like to know where I’m at, strengthwise, w/out a LOT of supplementation. But I wholeheartedly send you congrats on your deadlift and I hope you make continual progress.

Wasn’t being negative just questioning the use of an andro and the possible side effects. My girl deads 245 and just recently started using ceatine so most of her gains were from hard work and diet. Shes 5’4 120. Try changing up your routine when you get stuck you may fiind that you don’t need the andro.

Drax-man, I live in North Vancouver, but I have a cabin on the Island…I don’t know if the Lower Mainland is big enough for the two of us!!! ;^)

60 pound DB’s for reps is mighty impressive on incline bench for a woman of your size. I’m a 24 year old guy w/ 7 years of steady training, 6’ 180, and only use 90’s for sets of 12!

Thanks…but I have a “aw shucks” attitude when it comes to what I can lift in the gym. Right now, I’m trying to get me out of the “60lb” hump and move up to 65. If only my gym had 62.5lb dumbbells…I know it’s just a mental thing at this point…but I’m working on it!

Just wanted to brag a little about my wife. She’s 5’7, 135lbs. with a 27" waist. She can bench 205x1, full squat 225x8 and pull 225x6. She is impressive in all her lifts but despite my encouragement has no interest in competing. She just digs lifting heavy things. I find it funny that many women will compliment her on her figure and build but in the same breath will add how they would never want to be that big. I usually jump in at this point and tell them not to worry as they are probably not genetically capable of such an achievement. I then like to ask the woman how much she ways. They are usually quite suprised to find that my “huge wife” often weighs (sp) a little less than they do. Her friends also complain that when they go out with her to a club, she gets all the looks and attention. She definately sticks out in a crowd and looks damn hot in a sleeveless snug fitting dress. The part that pisses me off is that she is genetically blessed. She can easily match me for caloric intake every day without gaining any fat. (I’m 225Lbs) If I don’t watch my calories I will blow up like a watervmelon within days. If she gains any fat it takes her no time at all to diet it off while I struggle and suffer on low carb diets. I apologize if I sound a little boastful about my wifes accomplishments, but I’m damn proud of my girl. To all the other women who read t-mag and this forum, keep up the hard work and lifestyle. There’s nothing sexier than a nice pair of rounded shoulders in an evening dress with a pair of shapely legs peaking out of the slit.

Is anyone else thinking that Girlfriend’s woman, who was really surprised that Girlfriend is so strong, probably won’t do whatever it would take to become that strong? (meaning low reps & big weights)