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Androsol and 4-AD


Hi there,

I found some left over Androsol (3 bottles) and I bought some 4-AD a long time that I never used. I want to use it up over the next 3-4 months so I can switch to Mag-10. I am in no super rush to get to Mag-10, that's why I want to use up what I have. Can I stack these two products together for 2 week cycles?



They are essentially the same thing, just with different ways of getting into your body. I believe that 4-ADEC survives longer in your body, while androsol continuously enters your body through the skin.

If it were me, I would use the androsol first, and once it was gone start using 4-ADEC. (I am assuming it is Biotest's 4-ADEC.) This should give you a good 4 weeks as opposed to just 2.


There's nothing that says you couldn't stack the two products, since androsol is like mag-10 but without the A1E component. With that said, if you were planning on stacking the two products, I would only use mag-10 once per day and use androsol to keep the blood levels of 4-AD more constant. You would probably want to cut the dosage of androsol down to 70 sprays a day if you were going to do this, essentially using half dosage of both products each day. And if you did that, use the majority of androsol opposite the time you use mag (i.e. if you were to use mag in the morning then spray at night).

Honestly if it were me I would just go ahead and use the androsol in its entirety before starting your mag cycle. (and if it were me I would also find a source of finaplix to supercharge the mixture. gotta love finasol) But I would just use the products separately from one another, because they are essentially the same thing, except mag gives you the added benefit of the A1E.