Androsol 4 weeks on 2 X a day Bill or anyone what are my odds of unwanted side effects?

Can I pull this off without many unwanted side effects (Gyno, testicle shrinkage, really shutting down my body’s testosterone production) I planned at the end of the cycle to use tribex 4-6 caps 2 x aday for 3 weeks, would this keep some of my gains?

The reason for recommending 2 on / 4 off,
besides the fact that it works well, is that
people can keep doing it repeatedly and it
still stays safe. And they’re never off
all that long.

A single 4 week cycle is very very unlikely
in my opinion to give you problems with
recovering natural T afterwards. However,
if you did 4 on / 4 off, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the year, the
cumulative effect was some testicle shrinkage
since after all they were suppressed half
the time. That would not be so with 4 on / 8
off, but that’s a long time to be off. Furthermore, you’ll make more gains probably
in two 2 week cycles than in 4 weeks straight… the body grows better in bursts.

I’ve done three separate 4-on/4-off cycles with no problems, and the gains are much better than with 2-on/4-off cycles. I don’t use Tribex at the end and keep all my gains.

At least one study showed you could take high doses of 4-AD and not affect testosterone levels at all for two months of continuous usage.

Yes, but that group also showed that acute administration of Adiol resulted in insignificant elevations in T that were lower than Adione. This means that either the Adiol was of poor quality, or it was not getting into the blood. It is impossible to tell because they did not determine blood Adiol levels after administration.

In Ziggenfuss’s unpublished study, basal T was not different after 1 month, but that was with poppers that result in relatively brief elevations in T.

This is not to say that 4-8 week administration of Androsol will perturb the HPT axis, to the contrary, a once per day application may be quite safe for long periods. There is just no objective data yet.

Bill will concur that 4-AD does not result in significant increases in test levels. That’s not its primary mode of action.

Mike, what do you mean by 4-and will not result in significant increases in test levels? Also, I found when I went on a stacking cycle, including poppers/pardeca/dhea for a couple weeks, follwed by 3 weeks of Androsol (this was the only thing that was effective for me) and went off I lost a couple of pounds, although nothing significant (I used Tribex+Meth7 afterwards). I also noticed while I was at the end of my 6 or so week cycle My left ball was slightly higher than my right (shrinkage I guess). After about 2 weeks off it returned to normal. I say stick with 2 heavy cycles, than 4 off for androsol - it works and I’m sure is safer.

If you must defer to Bill, I believe he will tell you that Androsol does result in significant (statistically) elevations in T and FT. They are elevated within the physiological range though, which may be good. The elevations in Adiol may be more relevant though. Knowing that adiol possesses inherent androgenic/anabolic activity very close to those of T, it is likely that most of the beneficial effects of Androsol administration are the result of Adiol.

A mere 1% increase in test can be significant depending on the data set. In any case, Bill has all the numbers, although so far he has elected not to make them known.

I mean, of course, STATISTICALLY significant. A 1% increase in test is not significant in terms of what it can do for you.

Jim, I mean that 4-AD does not substantially elevate your own testosterone levels. I would also say the ‘suppression’ you reported was all in your mind. The lbs you lost after the cycle were water, not muscle. If you want to be sure have a blood test check after a good 4 week cycle.

Androsol does give substantial increases in
testosterone, if I recall correctly 300 ng/dL
or better, but this is relatively trivial when
compared with the increase in 4-AD levels
of 3000 or more ng/dL.

The increase is not only modestly substantial, but is statistically significant.

BTW, “statistically significant” by itself says
nothing about how large something is. Rather
it’s a comparison between how large the observed difference is, and the variability of the experiment. So, for example in a physics
experiment, the variability might be far under
1%, so even a 1% change would be statistically
significant – very unlikely to be due simply
to chance. In a biological experiment, a 50%
change sometimes may not be statistically
significant: it could have been that the group
that got the higher results was comprised
mostly of high-responding individuals, and
the group with the lower results was comprised
mostly of low-responding individuals. The
treatments might have been equal. But in any
case, that is not relevant to Androsol, just
a point that really ought to be brought up
since the term “statistically significant” is
used so much.