Androsol/4-ad-ec/Mag-10 for T-vixen

Yah, I know this is not recommended but I know there are t-vixens that have tried it. I was wandering at what dosage, for how long and what benefits (fat loss, libido, lean mass etc.) you have noticed. My wife and an aunt would be very interested. Any input is appreciated!

Stick with the 19Nor products. I now women that have used them and loved the strength gains and the better attitude they have.

don’t do it…very high risk you’ll regret it…see my post in Steriod Forum under the title “1st time/female” posted by onifer…read my experiences posted under “pumped”…I bumped up the post for LW.

Tell them to get on Methoxy-7, perhaps at 1.5 X the recommended dose. I’ve seen females make great gains on this protocol.