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Andropen/Tren/Test/Adrol Cycle

So I ordered…

2 Test cyp 250mg/ml (10cc)
50 Dbol 50mg
50 nolvadex 20mg

and I got…

1 Andropen 275mg/ml (10cc)
1 Parabolan 80mg/ml (10cc)
1 Test Prop 200mg/ml (10cc)
100 Anadrol 50mg
100 Arimidex 1mg

Leftover from last cycle:

7ccs Test cyp 200mg/ml

I have no idea what happened. My source has a stipulation in their policy that they may substitute products but never had this problem before. Maybe my order just got completely mixed up with someone elses but Im ready to get on and I do not want to have to wait another month to correct this so Im thinking I’ll just try to work with what I have. Any suggestions?

Wow that doesnt make for a great cycle but hmmm I would probably use:

Andropen once a week 1 CC = 275mg/Week
Test Prop M/W/F .5 CC = 300mg/Week This won’t last but just over 6 weeks Then Start Cyp @ 1.5cc Same Schedule as Andropen for up to 7 weeks, though I would stop at 12 total.
Parabolan M&F 3/4 CC = 120mg/Week This will last just under 7 weeks which is perfect IMO
Anadrol I would start at 50mg/Day and adjust no higher than 100mg/Day based on how much water you retain.
Use Adex 1mg/E3D if you are bloating too much EOD.

This puts you at:
575Mg Test/Week for 6 weeks then stays at 575Mg/Week when you switch to Cypionate for another 6 weeks, you will still have a bit of Cyp left over.

120Mg Tren/Week for just under 7 weeks

Anadrol Weeks 1-6 or 6-12 BUT NOT BOTH 50-100mg/Day

Adex as stated above.

This should be a pretty damn good cycle for mass!
Now I can’t leave it at this without mentioning that Caber should be used with Tren(Parabolan) and that even though you didn’t list a PCT that I’m SURE you have one in place right??? RIGHT???

And plz send me 40 Anadrol for my time here thank you :slight_smile:


ill take all 100