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Andropen/Prop/Var/Win/Clen - How Should PCT be Ran?


Arimedex throughout cycle, HCG clomid toward the end?

I know its always good to run pct for any aas, but what pct is necesary for this cycle and how should it be dosed?

i have arimidex on hand and very little bit of clomid (400mg). i was thinking to get more clomid and add HCG. but i would like opinions if it is necasary to add more clomid/HCG.

can i do without the HCG and clomid?
Do i need to add more pct to cycle? if your pct suggestions for this cycle are other then what i have listed, what do you suggest i should add to cycle and how should it be dosed?

this cycle i plan to be running at the end of march/early april.
getting what i need is not an issue. so ure suggestions would be appreciated.