Andropen, Dbol, Deca, Insulin Cycle

This is my first real cycle, I was wondering if anybody had any constructive criticism or advice on it:

1 x EW Deca (400mg)
1 x EW Andropen (400mg)
1 x ED Dbol (20mg/day first 3 weeks)
1 x ED Insulin (3-5iu post workout)

Running for 12 weeks, PCT will be Nolva and HCG. Started the cycle 3 weeks ago, seeing great gains, no major side effects aside from a bit of acne. Taking in about 4,000 calories per day. Despite a sub-par metabolism, no major fat put on, just a lot of water retention.

y are you using insulin?

Sounds like you’ve responded well to the DBol then, the Deca hasn’t even kicked in yet so that’s good. I’ve never used Insulin so I’m no help there. Never used Andropen either. Never been a fan of the mixed cocktails like Sus or Pen. You’ll need to watch for suppression taking equal amounts of Test and Deca. Most prefer a 3/2 ratio or there about.

Might want to add Proviron into the mix

andropen is like sust right? if i havent totally forgotten and this is right you will need to shoot more like eod.

Also how many weeks is this running ect

shit just saw the 12 weeks. Do you plan to run the test out a few weeks longer than the deca?

I should have elaborated more on the Pen. I split the dosage, 200mg E3D to add up to 400/week. I didn’t know about a supression with equal doses of Test and Deca, but I’ll up the Test and cut the Deca slightly just in case. I was planning on cutting Deca at the 10th week and finishing the last 2 with just Test, while starting the PCT.