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Andropen and Dbol Cycle


Hey guys,
Just wanted to put my cycle up and see what people think. Open to any advice.
I'm 19, 6'2" weigh 241 pounds and have about 10% body fat.
I started off with a anavar and dbol cycle. Was runnin 40mgs of var and 25mgs of dbol a day for three weeks, cycle was going to be six weeks long, but the results weren't what I wanted, a buddy of mine is runnin 50 mgs of dbol with 2 ml of adropen for twelve weeks, one cc twice a week. After seeing his results I am dropping the Anavar, and did my first injection of andropen this past Tuesday, tomorrow I pin again. My leg is slightly swollen, and obviously a little sore, just want to make sure this is normal. My cylce will only be ten weeks long, will this be long enough? Open to opinions... Thanks


Serious? Very young, and you don’t just start injecting stuff because you see your friends doing it. You should stop now, that’s my advice, and said nicer than what else you’re going to hear here…